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January 25, 2019

To teach 1st-year medical students about trauma-informed care, a framework for providing quality care to trauma survivors, we created a 3-hour workshop with a lecture and trauma-informed physical exam practice.

January 10, 2019

The I-PASS program decreases rates of medical errors and adverse events during patient handoffs. I-PASS champions are critical to implementing and sustaining the program. These materials support their training.

Grace Huang, MD
Harvard Medical School
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A Health Professions Education Editors’ Open Letter to our Community

As editors of journals concerned with health professions education, we take very seriously the influence of our published articles on curriculum development, learner assessment and, ultimately, the quality of health care provided to our communities. As members of the International Editors Group of Health Professions Education Journals, we routinely gather at international meetings to share new ideas, voice concerns and provide support to each other as we grapple with financial, logistical, technical and political challenges faced by our journals. It is therefore appropriate that we clearly communicate our concerns about increasing risks related to current regulations and attitudes affecting international travel, global meetings and global health. Read the full letter.

Featured Collections

The Opioids Education Collection promotes the efforts of AAMC-member medical schools and teaching hospitals that are on the front lines addressing the opioid epidemic: responding with new approaches to prevent, identify, and treat pain and substance use disorders, delivering pain management and addiction education, and leading efforts in this area to advance medical research and promote innovations in clinical care.

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Collection, in co-sponsorship with the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), features peer-reviewed educational resources for educators to advance institutional efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive culture and climate for all in order to drive clinical, educational, research and service excellence.

Sponsored by the American Dental Education Association, The Voice of Dental Education, the Dental Education Collection supports innovative, collaborative, high quality dental education resources. Publications featured in this Collection are developed by those within academic dentistry for health educators, and are a vital educational resource across the health professions.

The Interprofessional Education Collection is designed to foster the identification, development and deployment of educational resources aimed at supporting team-based or collaborative care essential to training an interprofessional workforce. This collection is designed to create a national clearinghouse of competency-linked learning resources for interprofessional education and models of team-based or collaborative care.